Race Date: May 12, 2001

Built on the site of a former World War II prisoner of war camp, Owosso Speedway has a long and rich history in addition to sixty-years of great racing action. Now, with a year of smooth operation by new owners, the Speedway packs them in every Saturday night.

Located on M-21 between St. Johns and Owosso, the track is very easy to find and access and parking is great. Stop in on a Saturday and find out what excitement is all about.

Fans at the Races

These fans saw their racer win his heat race shortly after this picture was taken

Another great crowd! Shorttrack racing, up close and live, every week.

Crowd and Tower

I hope the drivers were getting as big a kick out of this as the fans were.

We could get shots like this all night with the mods. They run close.


Street stocks in turns 1 and 2, were the groove seems wider.

L5 left this shower of sparks a complete lap. What ever caused it wore down, fell off, or came unstuck and he continued.


A drag race to turn 1.

Turn 1 showing how wide it is again.


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