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What better way to enter the 21st century than to announce Downhome Racing is converting all video to the RealVideo streaming format. Perhaps more accurately called progressive download, it allows viewers to begin watching the clip before the download is complete.

As before, we'll have two versions of each clip, one for 56k connections and one for broadband connections. Anyone will be able to view the broadband clips. Just start the clip and wait until the clip loads. It will be similar to downloading with the old system. The 1 minute broadband clips take around 15 mins. to load over an average 56k modem.

Subject Modem Broadband Playing Time
Auto City Speedway 180x120 360x240 1min.06sec.
Bob's Family Raceway 160x120 320x240 1min.06sec.
Capital Area BMX 180x120 360x240 1min.5secs.
Cadillac Motorcycle Club 180x120 360x240 1min.8secs.
Capitol Quarter Midget Assc. 180x120 360x240 1min.
The trucks of CORR visit I-96 Speedway 2005 160x120 320x240 1min.52secs.
Craigs Cruisers indoor carts 160x120 320x240 1min.3secs.
Downhome Racing 180x120 360x240 1min.06sec.
East Lansing Kart Track 180x120 360x240 1min.20secs.
Flat Rock Speedway 180x120 360x240 1min.02secs.
flat tracking with Off Road Lites at Deerfield Raceway_2004 160x120 320x240 10min.48secs.
Hartford Speedway Park 180x120 360x240 1min.2secs.
Jet Truck Burns Van 180x120 360x240 3min.02secs.
Merritt Speedway 180x120 360x240 1min.09secs.
MI dirt track spills High Vista Video 180x120 360x240 1min.02sec.
Michigan Sprints 2000 High Vista Video 180x120 360x240 1min.8secs.
Michigan Sprints 2001 High Vista Video 160x120 320x240 2min. 41secs.
Mid-Michigan Raceway Park 180x120 360x240 1min.49secs.
MORC quad race 180x120 360x240 1min.38secs.
New 96 Speedway 2000 180x120 360x240 1min.3secs.
Odyssey Pilot Race Team 160x120 320x240 1min
Offroad Lites visit Bob's 09-12-04 main 160x120 320x240 7min.10secs.
Offroad Lites visit Bob's 07-17-05 main 160x120 320x240 7min.36secs.
Offroad Lites visit Bob's 08-14-05 main none 320x240 9min.29secs.
Offroad Lites visit Bob's 10-09-05 main none 320x240 8min.40secs.
Offroad Lites visit Bob's 06-24-07 main none 320x240 9min.11secs.
Owosso Speedway 1998 180x120 360x240 1min.6secs.
Pilots on ice! 160x120 320x240 2min.46secs.
Shepard's Indoor Speedway 180x120 360x240 1min.4secs.
Smoky Burnout contest 160x120 320x240 3min.44secs.
Spartan Speedway 2000 180x120 360x240 1min.11secs.
Spring Valley Raceway Offroad Lites heat 1 06-06-04 160x120 320x240 10min.11secs.
Toledo Speedway 180x120 360x240 1min.4secs.

The advances in streaming video have improved to the point where the quality is comparable to the small screen size versions of our old system. We have found that Real offers the best quality at 56k internet connections. Many video clips will be recordable with the use of RealPlayer Plus, which is $30 from No, we don't earn anything from that. It's just a feature Real thinks people will pay for. The free player is still available, of course.

As always, we welcome comments on our video or any other portion of our site. Click on the links at the bottom of this page and let us know what you think!

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