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Capital Area BMX Track

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Capitol Quarter Midget Association

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East Lansing Kart Track

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Flat Rock Speedway

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Riders of Cadillac Motorcycle Club

Cadillac Motorcycle Club Riders are listed alphabetically by last name with first name appearing first.
A through G H through Sa Sc through Z

Zach Bamberg

Joe Barnes

Matt Benoit

Giovanni Bellissimo

Greg Bradish

Craig Breckon

Jason Benjamin

Russell Brege

Brent Bruder

Marty Bruder

Daryl Brunette

Kirsten Carpenter

Cody Chase

Cameron Cranley

Rod Easterwood

Jake Ederer

Ryan Ederer

Steve Fagerlie

Brad Fournier

Chris Frever

Charlie Gillett

Earl Girard

Jeff Girard

Jim Girard

Justin Halberstadt

Steven Halberstadt

P.J. Hazen

Carter Heimbach

Jacob Heimbach

Ulysses Johnson

Colton Kranz

Brad Kress

Dan Maki

Randy McIvor

Dan McKim

Travis Moffitt

Harold John Montague Jr.

Chaz Moore

Mark Moore

Ken Morand

Chris Morand

Jeff Morgan

Tim Paquette

Gary Radzicki

Trevor Ray

Mark Reedy

John Robiadek

Joshua Salk

Floyd J. Sanders

David Schluckebier

Nick Schultz

Eric Short

Mike Short

Ken Sickles

Travis Siddall

Corey Slavik

Eric Slowinski

Joseph St. Germaine

Leo St. Germaine

Ted Stressman

Jason Stuart

Don Trucks

Brad Wahr

Mike Van Keuren

Jason Wahr

Tyler Wethington

Brad Willey

Mike Willey

Chaz Yates

Mark Zingg

Ronnie Zingg

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