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Auto City Speedway

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Cadillac Motorcycle Club

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Capital Area BMX Track

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Capitol Quarter Midget Association

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East Lansing Kart Track

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Flat Rock Speedway

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Hartford Speedway Park

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Merritt Speedway

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Drivers of Mid-Michigan Raceway Park

Street Stock
Jason McGraw Josh McGraw Nick Mogg
Rob Sternberg Ralph Sternberg Alan Tuck
Gary Vorce Bob White Chris Wiggins
Dale Wiggins Jr. Larry Zander Tim Zischla
Mich. Modifieds
Tim Avery Don Champlin Jr. Don Champlin Sr.
Steve Denman Roy Doolittle Brad Fedewa
Scott Grim Charlie Johnson Ken McElroy
Michael & Rebecca Patrick David Reay Carl Ries
Randy Ruesink Troy Sloan Jim Townsend
Mod 4'S
John England Joe Eller Paul Frisbie
David Glassnor Bill Grim Randy Miller
Bryan Neve John Poe Rich Schaefer
Ernie Stroufe Chad Wernette Shaun (Bubba) Whitney
4 Cyl. Bombers
Scott Baker Dan'na Brasington Tim Brown
Andy Empey Rodney Gray Amanda Hubbell
Bob Keeler Dean Mallory Bill Mason
Jean & Rebecca Patrick Nathan Patrick Chris Rogers
Trevor Sloan Hillary Smith Sonny Snyder
Chad Stanton Terry Underwood Rick Ward
Conan Watkins Robert White Marc Wymer

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